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Special Offer- Learn How To Build Your Branded Online Store In A Weekend And 2x Your Revenue For Only $37

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  • My secret 7-Step-Formula to get unlimited free traffic that 94% of your competitors have no clue about (page 87)
  •  A secret website to find almost any product you can imagine for over 40% profit margin (page 37)
  •  The 13 critical mistakes which will get your account suspended overnight (Even top sellers can make these mistakes) (page 114)
  •  A "Stupid but effective" 3-Step-Formula to find hot-selling products without hassle, confusion, or nightmares (page 33 )
  •  8 places where you should get things optimized right before doing any promotions (or you are putting money on the table) (page 78 )
  •  The 54 most dangerous products, which you should never sell on Amazon, that so-called “gurus" will encourage you to sell (page 22)
  •  4 “rarely-mentioned" categories in which you can easily find high margin & easy-to-sell products (page 20)
  •  7 negotiating tricks which help you get a better deal than your competitors (page 39)
  •  10 things you MUST know before ever creating your Amazon business account (page 25)
  •  21 tools top sellers won't tell you about that will help you outsell and outrank your competitors (page 111)
  •  A 9-step-formula to launch your Amazon Business that pro sellers are using (page 15)
  •  3 secrets to run Amazon Ads profitably without taking a big risk, even if you are totally newbie (page 108)
  •  How to use "___" to make Amazon your automatic selling machine (on page (page 50)
  •  Who to get 20% or even more profit margin with ____(page 66)
  •  My evil tricks to get back to selling on Amazon, even if you’ve made any of the critical mistakes (page 121)
  •  My 3 step formula to rank any product on Amazon (page 102)
  •  Top 5 ranking factor 90% Of the seller has no clue about (page 102)
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